Poonal kalyanam or the upanayanam is the sacred thread ceremony is performed to a boy who enters the age of 8.  It makes a person fit to receive instruction in the vedas and spread their divine power throughout the world.

The boy gains the right to study Vedas through this ceremony. This allows a Brahmin boy to enter into Brahmacharya avastha.The three threads stand for Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Done on an auspicious date compatible to Janma Nakshatra and the celestial star arrangements of the boy.

A series of rituals like gayathri mantra recital, the sacred thread adorning, bhikshakaranam, Brahma yojanam and sankalpam etc are to be performed according to the traditionsof the family.

Arusuvai Arasu assists you with the finding of the priest to conduct the homams and poojas that denote the rite of passage to your son auspiciously.

We also offer simple decoration services like pooja room decoration, homa kund setting up, floral arrangements etc along with a warm reception to your guests. Vegetarian meals that are authentically made after saying prayers to the lord almighty, hall bookings for the meals or even booking mandaps for the same could be done.

We also offer photography/video services along with lighting and Indian classical music renditions. The event could also be customized according to other traditions that your family holds for generations.

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