Everything changes with age - height, weight, skin complexion, relationships, education, career and even life. But there is only one thing that sticks forever, our name.

A name isn’t just a word, it is an identity, the first impression we create on someone.

The naming ceremony or the Nama sanskar is this one of the most important functions of an infant’s life as it is going to decide his future.

 The ceremony usually happens a few days from the birth of the infant. A black thread or gold chain called an aranjanam is tied around the baby's waist.The child's eyes are lined with mayye or Kohl. A black spot is placed on one cheek or asymmetrically on the forehead, to ward off the evil eyes.

According to the date and time of birth of the child, a particular letter of the Sanskrit alphabet associated with the child's solar birth sign is chosen which would prove lucky for the baby. The baby is then given a name starting with that letter.

The grandfather whispers the chosen Hindu name in the child's right ear three times while the left ear is covered with a betel leaf. This is then repeated with the left ear. A mixture of ghee  or honey is given to the infant as a base for its various foods in the future. Finally, an arati is performed for seven times to thank the Lord.

Arusuvai Arasu, is going to decorate your beautiful house warmly for this small gathering of the closest family and cater to the gastric needs of your guests providing you with a heartwarming meal like the little one’s innocent smile.

You can sit back and enjoy the antics of the infant as we worry about the arrangements and receiving of your guests cordially and offer the best traditional return gifts to remember your kid and his/her name by. The photographs/video of your cute infant in its various get-ups wouldn’t be missed either.

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