Established under the guidance and blessings of our father, the renowned Chef, N.Natarajan Iyer, who was bestowed with the honorable title of ARUSUVAI ARASU by his Excellency, V.V.Giri (Former President of India).

His achievements stretched on to organizing and catering to more than 25,000 marriages, serving two Maghamagam festivals, feeding more than One lakh people, officially catered for stalwarts like former President of India Dr.R. Venkatraman, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and Honorable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu ( Dr J.Jayalalithaa ) and Ambani family Group.

We, his descendants are trying to follow on his footsteps, celebrating and honoring the authentic traditions and rituals of this great nation of India. Adding in a contemporary twist by expanding into the fields of organizing events and fusing in the tastes and aromas from all around the world, hoping to do justice to our Grandfather's great name by satisfying all our clients with the best quality services.

Men heating up the flame in a wood fired stove in the yard, smelling the coal as they blew into the stove to blazen the flame better.

Women using a mortar to grind fresh masalas, hand pounding rice and sieving it to pick off the waste and chatting around happily as the smell of the spices wafted their nostrils.

Using fresh vegetables and other produce that were just harvested from the family’s land. Cleaning and deskinning fresh, organic poultry or meat brought in from the family’s farm.

Huge copper vessels filled with ingredients simmering slowly to attain the desired taste of a traditional South Indian feast to be served in a lush green Banana leaf.

Sweets and savories made freshly as and when their rations were emptied.

Numerous gas stoves replacing the wood fire and the smog arranged ergonomically in the spacious kitchen.

Cooks stirring away their recipes in large aluminium utensils as the helpers chop vegetables and meats brought in from the market early that morning.

Mixies whirring away chutneys, pastes and masalas as grinders make dough and batter.

Sumptuous food served in Silver plates, along with Katories/cups filled with sweets, savouries and accompaniments.

Tastes having an influence of the cuisines of the Northern and western India as customers’ taste varied and expanded.

Food preparation becoming more automated than manual. Usage of electronic devices like microwave or conventional oven, grills etc to prepare the meals.

Chefs gaining expertise in varied cuisines like continental, Chinese, Tropical etc and creating fusion menus to suit the customers’ taste.

Ingredients sourced in from various suppliers online and delivered by them on time or using exotic ingredients like caviar, truffles from all over the world.

Using commercial pulverisers and grinding machines to make pastes, masalas and mixers to mix dough and churn cream.

Sweets and savories replaces by cakes and pastries.

Service turning into Buffets as food is served on non-reusable plastic plates or palm leaf plates for better disposal.

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